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Archipel d'Aisis, lieu antique de l'univers d'Unknown Echoes.

Our ethics code


Dungeons and Dragons is an intense experience in which each person must take risks and dare to fully play their character. This can be hard for players and game masters alike, no matter how experienced they are.

This is why it is fundamental to encourage people and avoid all that could make someone feel ill at ease with themselves. Respect is vital, both for other players and for game master and we will not tolerate any disrespect around the table.


Mockery, violence or judgement of others is absolutely banned. A role-playing experience must stay immersive and fun for everyone present.
We will make sure that this is the case, both for clients and staff alike.


No matter what your situation is, we strongly believe that you should have the opportunity to play. We are as against the discrimination associated with role playing games as we are against all forms of discrimination. Dungeons and Dragons has long suffered from stereotyped views that discourage new players and shame those who love the game. This is not just a game for "nerds" or "geeks", it is a game for everyone.

This fight against discrimination begins with the role of women. For now, there is still a vast majority of men who play, and we want to change that. As we know, mostly because our team has a majority of women who play, it is just as much for men as it is for everyone.


We also want people with handicaps to have equal access to this game. We will do everything that we can in order to accommodate people with unusual difficulties or situation. We want to extend role playing to all who desire to play.

D&D is limitless, and it should stay that way. This is applicable to the many worlds in game but also to its players.

A safe and judgement free space

Playing a character in a vast and often dangerous world can put players in difficult and intense situations which can trigger past experiences. This is why, Unknown Echoes has carefully planned ways to fight this risk and make sure that players never feel this sort of discomfort.

The first of these preventive measures is the "white card". Each player will receive upon arrival a small white card. If a player feels ill at ease with what is going on in the game, they can discretely indicate their card.

Our game masters are trained to switch subjects and content without noticeable issues. This allows everyone to fully enjoy a session. There is no need to justify the use of the white card, no questions shall be asked. The goal is for the incident to pass nigh unnoticed.

The second measure that we are adamant about is the possibility of psychological support for all who book a session with us. We work tightly with a psychologist and psychotherapist who is FSP certified and will answer any questions or concerns you have by phone or email whether these concerns are game-related or not.

Finally, our members have taken classes which trained them to identify situations where players are ill at ease and have been taught how best to handle these types of situations whether it be with families, children or in a work situation.

We want to accompany you through a wonderful journey and a great experience. This begins the moment you contact us, until the moment your adventure ends.

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