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Our team is currently overwhelmed with the number of requests we receive each day and it takes us an average of a week to process your request. For any urgent question or if you have not received an answer within 7 days, please call us on 078 841 11 47. Thank you for your understanding.

Jeu de rôle et Unknown Echoes
Les dés sont au coeur du jeu de rôle

Roleplaying games

We are a group of professionals who specialize in organizing roleplaying games in Switzerland.

Would you like to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons?

Are you trying to play; however, you cannot find a dungeon master?

Are you looking for a great activity for your child?

Do you need the perfect and adaptable team building activity for your employees?

No problem! We are here for you. We have created a limitless universe in which you and your friends or your colleagues can experience thrilling adventures filled with mystery, heroism, intrigue and much more!


​Join us at conventions and events all over Switzerland. Contact us through our clientele service, the chat below or through our social media. We look forward to introducing you to role playing games and the discoveries they entail.

"Dungeons and Dragons allows us to live the impossible. It is a gateway to growth and self-improvement. You can be the hero you always wanted to be. You will develop a deeper sense of empathy and form strong bonds with your friends and companions. It is far more than a game; it is the experience of a lifetime."

Nathan Schneider, founder

Accueil, Joueur

Dare to play!

If it is your wish to embark on a journey through the universe of role playing, alone or with others, we are here to help get you started!

Going on an adventure with family, friends or colleagues is a unique experience that you will remember for longer than you think. We would be honored to guide you through your first quest and as many more as would make your heart content.

Our aim is to make D&D accessible to everyone. Whether you are having trouble convincing your friends to join you, if you find the rules too difficult or confusing, and even if you cannot find the time to commit to the idea, we will help you.

Don't hesitate! Dungeons and Dragons is perfectly suited to accommodate all ages and schedules. You don't need to have played before, there is always a first!

Une partie type de Donjons et Dragons
Accueil, Entreprises
Une figurine D&D, élément central de la représentation visuelle lors de parties de jeu de rôle.

For Companies

Are you looking for team building activities for your company? Are you simply looking for a fun pass time with your colleagues? Either way, Unknown Echoes is the right solution for you.

Taking part in an incredible story, saving the world, exploring a universe full of wonders and mysteries not only relieves us from our day to day troubles, it also shows us how to work together in order to clear the obstacles that are placed in our way. Today, Role playing games are at the peak of team building experiences. Don't just take our word for it, try it yourself`! Enter the universe of Unknown Echoes and discover Dungeons and Dragons. 

Contact us without hesitation, set your adventure in motion!

Role playing games

Dungeons and dragons


A role-playing adventure is meant to be shared. Not only does is give us the possibility to escape from our lives temporarily, it allows us to reunite with friends and colleagues in order to share a lively and meaningful moment.

Many still talk about the epic tales of Dungeons and Dragons adventures that they have lived. More still, are eager to speak about how much playing has changed their lives and relationships for the better.

Be a part of the wonderful roleplaying community which to this day counts over 13 million people all around the world. Let us guide you through a daring journey that you won't ever stop dreaming of.

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