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An echo from our origins

Rife with History

Role playing has it's roots so far back in our history that we cannot event remember when it began. The first and most used way of learning social roles, contexts and reactions, this function is even observed in other species. We have even considered it as a high form of art for quite a while now.

Role playing is often depicted as the act of interpreting a character, be it a real of fictional one. Today, we see that is it much more than that. It is a form of development that enables us to practice and learn about our environment. It can be used in therapy as a form of analyzing situations and reactions. It can also be, as we see here, a game.

A life lesson

Starting from a very young age, children all start to role play, whether this be together or alone. Be it playing "cowboys and Indians", having a tea party with empty cups or imagining being in a movie, role playing allows children to build their own universe. They are all powerful and free to do what they please, with only their imagination to limit them. They develop their creativity, confidence and bonds through role playing. It prepares them for life.

However, role playing, contrarily to what some may believe, is not only a children's game. Many people chose to make  living out of the activity, we call it acting, or preforming, and many other names as well. Others use role playing as a technique to succeed in their lives, but all of us use it daily.


Have you ever imagine the perfect comeback that you would have said in your last conflict? Have you ever imagined your future self or life ? Haven't you ever pictured yourself as a hero ? If so, then you are already a role player.

What we know today is that there are a multitude of benefits that result from role playing games. Be it in child development, preparation for real life situations, or simply to become a better person, role playing is an unquenchable source of useful experiences.

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Sets de dés pour jeu de rôle vendus en Suisse par Unknown Echoes.

Tabletop role playing games

D&D, as it is often called, is the most commonly known tabletop role playing game. The gist of it is simple: several people meet up in order to build an epic story in which they become heroes in a fantasy universe. For a few hours, everyone has a chance to forget the real world and their problems and lose themselves in a mystical world, the secrets of which are only know by the game master.


Together, the renegade group of adventurers will face many dangers, fight ancient and terrifying monsters and explore dark dungeons, seeking out lost artifacts and magical treasures.

Together, each player grows attached to their characters and as the sessions go by, strong friendships are forged both in the game and around the table.

Together, role players live impossible lives, saving the world from powerful evils, setting out on incredible journeys, and sharing breathtaking moments.

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Dungeons and Dragons

Created almost 50 years ago, it is now the greatest tabletop role playing game in the world.


Worked into several different versions, D&D can offer any scenario imaginable. Millions of universes, all different from one another, exist today and are inhabited by uncountable groups of adventurers. Anything can be through of can be done, impossible events have surely unfolded in the past seconds and worlds are still continuing to evolve and move each second.

Be part of one of the most interesting communities of the globe, we will guide you. Discover Dungeons and Dragons, create your own wondrous universe. 

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A unique universe

First created for us to play among ourselves, the universe of Unknown Echoes has grown rich over the millions of hours of plot, wars, political changes and close saves it had endured.

Today, we continue to populate each country, county, island and valley of this immense world, in order for you to live in a world as complex as it is beautiful.


Our creative team and our game masters work together in order to perfect millions of years of History, paint every detail of the pantheons, and the races that worship them. Not only on the continent of Elduïn, but also on Amathera, the northern islands, isolated archipelagos, in the feywild, from the great flury to the cities of ashes, to name but a few locations. 

Step into the universe of Unknown Echoes, walk through the streets of the city of Azlora, climb the dwarf mountains of Gord, trek through the forests of the elven republick of Alinor. Sail on the ocean of  Tasedoreï, on the Tinor sea or become pirates in the great bay of Magos.


Become a hero, leave  your trace on it's History. 

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Carte du Royaume d'Azlora, l'Univers d'Unknown Echoes. Jeu de rôle

© Unknown Echoes

Carte du royaume Azloréen, au Nord-Ouest du continent d'Elduïn.

Version de 371 après-Scission commandée par le Sénat Azloréen au Musée Cartographique de l'Île aux temples.

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