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Become your hero

In order to live an adventure, you need to be someone. The first step in Dungeons and Dragons is creating a character for yourself. You will then play this character throughout your adventure, your choices becoming theirs. Not only will you be encouraged to talk and act as they would, you will have the chance to become your character by adopting their personality and motives.  Do you want to be fearless ? Your character can have more courage than ever seen. Would you like to enter the shoes of a spiritual hermit ? No problem! Creating your character is the first step on a journey of growth and discovery.


Magician, unparalleled archer, battle-master, paladin of the stars or druid of ancient forests, everything is possible! Creating a story for your character is the most impactful part of the process. Who are they and why?  What was their past like? Who is their family? What dreams do they have and how are they attempting to achieve them? You can create a character as complex as is imaginable.

Unknown Echoes has created hundreds of characters and we would be happy to assist you in this process which can be intimidating at first. We can also create characters for you that you will have the pleasure to discover when you begin your adventure, however we suggest that you create your own character if you can, it is quite rewarding. If you feel lost or confused in your character creation, please contact us by mail or via our contact form and we will gladly assist you!

Find companions to journey with

Tabletop role playing games are built to be shared. Players discover and explore the universe set by the game master, who in turn sees his or her world come to life. The creator of Dungeons and Dragons said "The essence of a role-playing game is that it is a group, cooperative experience.".

Be it with your family, friends or colleges, building a story together creates strong bonds and allows each person to empower themselves. Some of the most durable friendships are formed through Dungeons and Dragons. 

Speak to your friends or family and find yourself players and a game master who will embark on an extraordinary journey with you. At Unknown Echoes, we are convinced that everyone should have the chance to play. If you cannot seem to play, we have many solutions that you can see by clicking here

Live an incredible adventure

Once your group is complete, everyone sits down together. The story often begins in a tavern, where everyone has a chance to meet. That moment marks the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. A common cause has brought these diverse adventurers together, a nameless evil stirs in the region or a tournament is being held and promises many riches to those who can succeed. These new heroes embark, together, on their first quest. By traveling the game master's world, each person discovers something new, grows to trust their companions while getting closer to their goal. Not long after, the group begins to grow powerful and perhaps even renown. They then become inseparable, they fight for their dreams facing increasing danger and death, never slowed.

Whatever your adventure will be, it is made possible only through your decisions. Every move that your character makes is only influenced by your own decisions and thoughts. As a player, you are free to try and do what you want, when you want. You want to abandon your current quest? Very well. You would like to paint your face green in order to blend into the forest? Do it! You don't want to kill the poor goblin you have captive; you would rather teach it the beauty that peace can offer? How honorable of you!

Don't shackle your ambitions, become the hero that you have dreamed of being since you were a child. Write your own story, with your friends, around a table through the most beautiful roleplaying game.


Simple rules

Ever since its creation in the 70s, D&D has evolved a lot and released many new editions. Unknown Echoes uses the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons. 5e is our favorite edition because of its simplicity and openness. The rules are quite simple, intuitive and easy to adjust. This is why we are confident that we will be able to show you all that you need to know of the game in order to play with us, in just a few minutes.

The game works as follows:
If you want your character to do something, for example, throw a rock at a harpy in order to scare it off. The game master will ask you to roll a 20-sided die and add a fixed bonus to the result. If your character is quite agile, you may have a large bonus to add like a +4. Say you had rolled 11 on your die and added +4. Your result would then be 15. The higher your score is, the more chances you have to succeed. If your score is quite low however, you may very well fail.

This is essentially how the game works. The most complicated part of the game is deciding what it is you wish to do. Only the game master needs to know more about the mechanics of the game in order to run it.

If the rules still seem too complex for you, or you still don't dare to play, discover our simplified solutions here.

- Game equipment

Tabletop role playing games require, as their name indicates, a table. It is preferable for everyone to be able to sit down as the games can be quite long. A big table is best, this allows the game master and the players to have enough room to comfortably set out their character sheets and place maps in the center when necessary.

You also need at least one set of dice (7 different dice total). Having access to a copy of the player's handbook for D&D 5e is necessary if you are going to play with your own group. 

Unknown Echoes provides all of this equipment when you play with us. We also sell these is you want to purchase them for yourselves.

Finally, each player must have a character sheet that contains the necessary information needed to play their character. You can obtain these through Unknown Echoes as well.

- What a game looks like

A game of Dungeons and Dragons can often look like this:

A group of friends, family, or colleagues, meet up in between their busy schedules, usually at the house of their game master, or whom ever has the largest table.

Everyone talks, exchanging news and reminiscing about their previous meeting of the sort. The group is usually excited and sometimes nervous, but always eager to pick up their story where they left it. The game master is more or less ready for the session, everyone settles down. Each person takes out their dice, character sheets, props or manuals and gets ready to take notes or take action. The music starts, the mood of the room slowly shifts into something more. The adventure picks up as quickly as it was left.

The adventurers become alive again. The evening brings a succession of funny, scary, sad and even beautiful events. Suddenly, heart rates accelerate as the players are asked to roll initiative and begin a fight that may claim the lives of the characters that they have grown to love. Miniatures are placed upon the map and among the decor placed by the game master, lurk the monsters that they will face. Everyone does their best to stay alive and protect those around them. Sometimes a member of the group will fall unconscious. The player watches, anxious, as their allies rush forward to save them and keep the monsters at bay. Usually, through magic, medicine of sheer luck, the character is brought back to consciousness. Sometimes however, nothing is to be done.


Everyone survives, they managed to defeat the creatures that threatened the village and return as heroes. They laugh and are giddy with relief and joy, they have survived yet again. The game master brings the session to a close and everyone gathers up their possessions, still full of emotions form the recent events that unfolded. The world sleeps, as they do, waiting for the next session.

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