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Our universe, your adventures

Born out of passion

Born out of a desire to live and express emotions, the universe of Unknown Echoes was meant to be shared. This is a world that has come to life through friends gathering in it and living there. It is pencil in hand and paper on his lap that the founder of Unknown Echoes traced, long ago, the outlines of the very first continent of the world. Every river, town, city, forest and mountain sprang forth and, where there was previously void, a world was built. This world may have originated in the mind of a person who wanted more than anything to live the epic fantasy adventures seen in books and movies, but it's existence now stretches far beyond one man and to all who wish to discover it.


The rough first maps led to pieces of text, names and other notes and sketches. Little by little, as weeks went by, kingdoms emerged along with their history, fears, rulers and population. Slowly but steadily, the tectonic plates of the world began to move, the rivers began to flow and life swept over the lands.

Finally, the first adventurers walked the earth of Elduïn. They met other humans, slept in taverns and protected farmers from the dangers of the forests. In a few short months, several groups were all sharing this magnificent universe that never ceases to change. Day after day, step after step and with each die rolled, it becomes imbued with meaning and emotion.

A living world

Today, the universe of Unknown Echoes is infinite. The thousands of hours that groups have spent in it and continue to spend in it, breath new live and depth into each and every corner of this unparalleled world. Many have changed the world and left their mark on its history, their heroic or rash actions have started wars and uncovered lost artifacts that were thought to be forever lost. Millions of people have died and millions more have seen the light.

The universe of Unknown Echoes is built through the choices of each person to have set foot in it. All who play in this universe have the opportunity to change it and to see it changed by others; it is shared. To enter our universe, is to join hands with every player who has built it session after session.

Set off on an unforgettable adventure! There is still so much to be done; Monsters still threaten villages and cities alike, ancient demons wait in the shadows for their best opportunity to strike, continents have yet to be explored and discovered, and so many more mysteries await you! Be the first group to set foot in places that no other soul has dared to venture. Become a pioneer of a world that can be your own.


The first continent to have existed. The birthplace of civilization and different cultures, it has been split in two due to demon uprisings. This event was called the Great divide.


One of the three children of Asgorath, he is today forgotten but was once the dragon god of wild nature.

The black hands

An order of powerful mages trained within the city of Zantem. They use an ancient dark language long banned in order to fuel destructive magic.

The flames of Zantem

Grand lighthouses which border the port of the sultanate. They burn like two red stars over the Taragarei ocean.


Called "The Grand city of the Arcane", This city is the current residence of the most powerful mages of all time: the immortals.


Capital of the kingdom baring the same name, this fortified city has three ramparts and is the front military post of the Lords Alliance.

The lost Cathedral

An ancient myth goes as follows: Whom ever cannot find the cure for their people's problems, will find themselves in the cathedral that no one can find.

The lights of Askon

These 4 brazers stand at the summits of the four tallest mountains in the askoneen range. When lit, they are rumored to keep demons and devils at bay.

Ocand's bread

This culinary specialty is born from a mixture of flour and caramelized remains from the village's famous fish stew. The sweet and smokey taste makes it unique and sought after.


Elongated red fruit from the azlorien forest, that has a sweet and comforting taste. It is said to be so healthy that whom ever eats it regularly can resist even madness.

The bay of Magos

Famous for its bountiful fishing spots and favorable currents, many pirates and slave merchants dwell on its warm tides.

Celestian's hope

A huge crater on the north west coast of Amathera. Legends say that is was formed by a last parting gift from the god Celestian before he sealed himself with the others in what is known as the great divergence.

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