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Child's play

Role playing games,

for children

We live in an era of hyper stimulation, screens and digital platforms. Our current system expects children to adapt and surpass themselves, day after day, so that they can study, succeed and become independent very early on.


The only chance a child has to get away from these screens and all this pressure is often the practice of highly competitive sports, where pressure is often still a problem. Many individuals arrive in a professional work environment without knowing how to speak in front of a group, or without daring to believe in themselves and take a leadership role.


Role-playing offers a multitude of benefits whilst allowing your children to forget their problems, forget screens, and let their creativity speak without pressure.

Benefits for children

Dungeons and dragons has been highlighted by a large number of studies as being one of the best ways to learn essential skills for children's development. Children get to spend time in a fun and non-demanding context, which allows them to take risks without fear.

Self-confidence is often at the heart of regular role-playing. The player is put into the shoes of an incredible hero who can accomplish anything, but has to face the consequences of their actions. This is a great way to show young people that they have the power to act and change the world around them, that they can be heroes if they want to.



Many studies also bring up the power of imagination , and the unexpected advantages that creativity offers in life. Your child will be immersed in a mystical universe, and the only connection to these moments of wonder will be through imagination.


Another of the most discussed benefits of role playing is it's cooperativeness and social aspect. In fact, able to work in a group , the ability to be a good leader , and knowing how to put yourself forward are some of the most indispensable skills one can learn throughout life. To play Dungeons and Dragons is to face intricate and emotionally charged problems together, where only the best group cohesion will allow everyone to emerge victorious.

Role-playing is cooperative by nature and allows those who play it to become emotionally resilient, and more able to cope with life's difficulties .

Our offers

Unknown echoes has a wide range of offers that allow you to introduce role-playing to your child, starting at 8 years old . Our offers all have a duration of at least a few hours, which allows you to rest before having to come and pick up your children, and benefits them through a truly immersive moment. All these offers are adapted as much


Adventure days

For birthdays,

weddings, and any other special occasion!


A day of games for your children

Starting at CHF 39.- per person




Gives your children the chance to

live fantastic adventures,

share wonderful moments with friends

and learn about the world.

Starting at 49.- CHF per person




Learn the arts of theater,

public speaking and creativity.

Gain self-confidence

and much more.


2, 4 or 8 hours per week

Starting at 139.- CHF per person

Family Discounts

By presenting us with valid ID documents confirming that two children are siblings, you can obtain discounts for all of our offers, including monthly subscriptions.

2nd child registered = 15% reduction on the 2nd

3rd child registered= 20% reduction on the 3rd

4th child registered = 25% reduction on the 4th


These discounts cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

Family Discounts

At Unknown Echoes, we sincerely believe that everyone should be able to play role-playing games to enjoy its many benefits. That's why our Tale team was formed, and we've worked hard to find the best ways to adapt Dungeons & Dragons to younger audiences.


On the advice of people specialized in psychology, and youth protection professionals, we have created the perfect adventures to introduce young people to role play in a healthy environment conducive to the development of each.


Our monitors and gamemasters have also all been specially trained to supervise your children without risk. Whether through FORJE training or advanced training carried out internally or through the practice of frequents supervision, we make sure that your children are always in a safe and healthy environment.

Finally, we want to remain completely transparent about who will take care of your children and will be able to send you the names and criminal records of all the people who will be responsible for your children without any problem.

Give these adventures to your children, let them explore a world of dreams and possibilities where they can be who they want while learning to work with others, and forging very strong friendships.

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