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Your Journey

In a nutshell

Tabletop roleplaying games are the best way to immerse yourself in a world full of mysteries and unparalleled depth in order to live out a timeless adventure.


The rules are simple; everyone gathers around a table and brings to life the story that they chose to create and enact together. There are two types of roles around the table: that of the game master and those of the players. The game master is the person who knows the world the best and who is its ambassador. The players are those who explore the world and face its many dangers. Every player may do as he or she pleases and explore to his or her heart's content. The only limit of this universe is that of your own imagination. 

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Are you looking for fellow adventurers ?

One should never travel alone, especially not in a world filled with so many perils and wonders. Dungeons and dragons is meant to be a shared experience. This can however be a problem for those of you who cannot seem to find worthy companions or lack a courageous soul willing to be your game master.

If these are the reasons you are unable to play you should no longer despair. We have a whole arsenal of solutions ready to get you started, whether you need to join more motivated players or find a game master willing to let you travel his or her universe. 
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You already have the perfect group

All that you are missing for your quest is its birthplace and a guide able to lead you to it? Not a problem. We have a number of people eager to share their experience with you and many offers suited for all types of adventure.

Would you rather we show you how to play so that you can create your own universe? That is a pleasure for us as well. We can show one of you the ropes in the demanding role that is that of the game master.  Whether you would like a simple adventure of one or several sessions or a complete campaign that will make you laugh, cry and revel at the magic of your surroundings, we are ready to accommodate you. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our offers, contact us and we will do our best to provide you with an adventure tailored specifically to your needs.

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Are you in need of help?

Are you afraid to speak up or act in front of your friends?  You don't dare to immerse yourself in the spontaneous banter of your character? That's quite alright. Dungeons and dragons is a useful tool to work on many aspects of your life. Whether you struggle with public speaking or simply with decision making this service can help. We offer a multitude of different self-growth opportunities and work closely with a FSP certified psychologist who has over 30 years of experience.   Discover more


If you are only looking for advice related to your campaign as a player or game master, we can provide this free of charge. Are you a game master in need of advice on map creations or story lines? Are you interested in playing but unable to convince your friends? Do you feel left out or judged at the table? We are here to support you as best we can and come up with solutions for you and your party.    Learn more

If you would like a more intensive help program for your Dungeons and Dragons related issue, we provide individualized programs centered on your needs. We can do this in person or virtually depending on your needs and location. We are more than willing to sit in on your sessions or invite you to ours in order to better grasp what the problem is and benefit from a very hands-on approach in order to achieve your goals.        Discover our services

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