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A quest for your fellowship

Don't go alone, take your friends!

Traveling the world, facing its many dangers, and uncovering forgotten secrets is too hard on your own. Role playing games are meant to be played together. This allows people to share their ideas and emotions in order to build unforgettable memories and friendships.

On top of the dungeon master that you will need, a good group is often between 2-7 players. These are the numbers that Unknown Echoes recommends and is willing to handle. If a group has too many players this can create a hectic and disorganized atmosphere around the table, not to mention limiting the amount of sessions due to schedule clashes.

If you don't have a group but still wish to play, check out our offers here.

If you are already a group of interested people, then we have many different services for you. We are also open to coming up with a unique offer to suit your group perfectly, whether you are 5, 10 or 50 people.

Limitless possibilities

Whatever you are looking for, we believe that we can find a suitable offer. We are more than able to adapt our services and will create new and unique adventures just for you and your group in a plethora of different settings. All that you need to do is contact us and we will see how best we can accommodate you.

Our base offers

An introduction

For those of you who are interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons but are intimidated by the rules, we offer game initiations. During these introductions you will get the chance to create your characters and learn about the fundamental rules of the game while playing with us. We will be there to guide you through the mechanics and answer any questions that you may have so that you will be more than ready to play on your own afterwards.

We will give you all the information that you will need to start your own adventure, be it in our universe or in one of your own design.

Find our offers here.

A one-time activity

If you would like to play Dungeons and Dragons just to try it and without having to create a character and learn about the rules of the game, this is a service for you. We can organize a single session for you and your group, you will be able to choose from a list of several adventures that we have created.

We can also create a personal adventure for you group if none of our offers tempt you. If this interests you, then we recommend that you contact us early on in order for us to have the time to work on it. We are eager to create the adventure that you have always dreamed of.

How do these activities work?
Quite simply; we will come to you and set up our equipment around a large table around which everyone will sit. Finally, we will discover and create an epic story together where you will be the heroes that you have always wanted to be.


You know nothing of the Dungeons and Dragons world, or even fantasy for that matter? You have never played this kind of game before? Not a problem! An amazing adventure awaits you regardless of your past. Jump into your future, don't dwindle or it might escape you.


- 3 to 4 hours

If your life keeps you too busy for much fun and leisure, we offer a short 3 to 4 hours game. These short games are more intense and move at a rapid pace, however, they are still filled with possibilities and intrigue. You may find it harder to be immersed fully in the game, but you will get a good glimpse of what hides in the Unknown Echoes universe.

We offer three different types of base adventures.


1. A classic quest, where you will become heroes for a shining moment and attempt to defeat evil around you. You will get the chance to face dangerous monsters and save the lives of the innocent people around you. This is a great adventure for those of you who have never played.

2. An escape room type scenario in which you will have to solve riddles and uncover countless clues in order to escape the mystical prison that you were thrown in. If you manage to escape the many traps and dangers lurking all around you, you may regain your freedom. This is a perfect adventure for those of you who don't particularly enjoy fights and prefer to be challenged in a different way.

3. A near impossible mission awaits you if this is the adventure you choose. An adrenaline filled quest with a high chance of death and failure lies before you. Only the bravest warriors will be able to survive in the face of the many dangers ahead. With a ticking clock and many deadly enemies to deal with, the success of this adventure lies in impeccable teamwork and quick thinking. We recommend this adventure if you have already played before.

To learn more about these adventures don't hesitate to contact us, or click here to see our offers.

- 7 to 8 hours

If you have a bit more time, we organize very immersive games in which you will have time to fully feel the trill of role playing games. You will be able to live a detailed adventure in which you may be able to explore unknown places, fight many evils and discover lost artifacts. You will get the chance to see yourselves go from mercenaries to heroes.

We offer three types of long adventures:


1. A classic adventure in which your group will scour a dungeon lost in the wilderness in order to save lives of those unfortunate souls trapped there. You will face the ancient evil that lurks in that fouls place and come back stronger for it. This is one of the best ways to discover the game.

2. A thrilling adventure, where you must save yourselves from the grasp of a sinister monster lurking somewhere in the dark right behind you. No one will come and save you and so you must take matters in your own hands and work together in order to succeed. A great and challenging adventure.

3. A deadly adventure is set before you. Lost in unknown lands, you will be chasing a long-forgotten myth. You have no way of knowing what is ahead and will be unable to prepare yourself for the challenges that you will face. Only the most united team will be able to complete this quest. If you have already played and are looking to test yourselves, this is the best solution for you.

To learn more bout these adventures don't hesitate to contact us, or click here to see our offers.

A complete adventure

Much more immersive than a single session, a complete adventure allows you to fully understand the beauty of role playing games. With this option you will be able to take your time and enjoy the game on a whole different level. You will have the opportunity to create your own unique character as you see fit and become them for long enough to be heroes. Each game starts where the last one left off and the adventure has room for many twists and turns that will give you the chance to build a unique story.

We offer two types of adventure in this category: Usually 3-5 sessions spread out every week to two weeks, that can be either 3-4 hours per session or 7-8 hours per session.

Having the time and opportunity to get attached to your character is what makes a role playing adventure so extraordinary. The moment you realize the full impact of your choices is when you begin to understand the power that you have. Being able to play not only once but over the course of several weeks will reward you with a complex quest full of intense emotional moments and unexpected reveals. Enter the universe of Unknown Echoes and leave the traces of your footsteps as you walk by on your adventure.

Find our offers here.

An incredible campaign

Dungeons and Dragons is most commonly played through campaigns. This means you start off at level 1, where you have the power of any ordinary person with little training. You and your friends decide to go on an adventure together and leave the common life behind. The adventure then comes to life and continues until your character dies or until your story reaches a satisfying ending which often consists of saving the world from some terrible threat.


Players will be able to explore the whole world to their heart's content, finding, in each new village or forest they step in, a new challenge. They will meet an uncountable amount of other people, some likable and some less accommodating, who inhabit the world that they are traveling through. All the while they will face all the dangers of such a universe.

In order to gain such a life changing experience, one must play a large amount. This is why many campaigns go on for several years or more. Unknown Echoes is ready to accompany you through such a journey. We offer reduced fees for all who wish to embark on this kind of quest.

Experience the best of what role playing games have to offer. Building a story together from start to finish, through years of laughter, bonding and emotion is the most rewarding way to live.

Find our offers here.

- Are you looking for a dungeon master ?

What often happens when a group is motivated to play is that there is a sudden lack of game masters in the vicinity.
Unknown Echoes has a group of experienced game masters willing and trained to offer you the best gaming experience possible.

If you prefer to have a game master come from your own group, we organize introduction days into D&D for players alike.

- Would you like an initiation to D&D ?

Beginning a role playing adventure can be difficult. This is why we provide introductory sessions for all those who want a simpler transition. We can guide you smoothly through the rules and workings of the game in the hopes that you will then begin your own campaign.


Discover our introduction offers below.

- Need advice ?

We offer free advice for any Dungeons and Dragons related issue. Contact us by email, contact formulas or our chat.


Find out more.

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