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Ciel dégagé, voler, pour atteindre ses objectifs. Devenir meilleur. Développement personnel par le jeu de rôle

"Believe in your dreams and they may come true, believe in yourself and they will come true."

-Martin Luther King

A path towards a better self

The chance to live and learn from a different life, that is but one of the many benefits that role playing games can offer. Being able to express a different personality, being able to show fear or on the contrary be fearless can be an incredible learning experience. Role playing games allow you to make bold choices without real life consequences. You can move forward at your own pace and see how things turn out when you dare to be the actor of your life.

Exploring different paths and different ways of life allows us to look at ourselves through a different light. Recognizing in what ways you resemble your character; in what ways you differ and why is a wonderful and effective way to better understand yourself and others.

Dungeons and Dragons is recognized as being an effective way of building self-esteem and coping with difficult situations. This game has helped us so much, we wish to show you how it can help you.

Fight your demons through role play

Working on your issues through role playing can be as diverse as your imagination allows. We can create special adventures designed specifically for whatever problems you may have in which you can advance at your own pace and without the threat of negative consequences.

Whether you have self-esteem issues, poor social skills, being a good leader, or even trouble speaking in public, role playing games can allow you to confront those issues and gain new confidence and skills. This kind of adventure will be closely checked by our experienced psychotherapist who will make sure we offer an ideal and appropriate service. It will even be possible for us to direct you to a therapist as well as our sessions so that you can maximize your chance at defeating your problems.

Contacting us is making sure that you will have access to a personalized adventure where we will find the best way for you to reach your goals, through role playing games and in a risk-free environment.

Chemin de vie, atteindre ses buts

Do you need help with roleplaying games?

Whether you are a seasoned game master or a brand-new player, an adventure can turn out to be much more complicated than expected. Dungeons and dragons can give birth to strong emotional moments and they may not always be good.

Managing an adventure, building a world and its inhabitants, leading a group and keeping each person interested can be very hard. Game masters may be confronted to disinterested players who spend more time on their phone than talking to others or who simply don't show up. Few things are more of a shame than wanting to see people have a great time, putting many hours of effort into creating a great session, and realizing that they aren't even paying attention. Our teams are composed of players and game masters alike who have had thousands of hours of game play and many good and bad experiences that will help in coaching you.

We would love to share our experience with you in order for you and your group to have the best possible adventure.

- In need of advice ?

You cannot find the answer to your gaming question ? You would like a review of your latest adventure ? You aren't sure how to handle the latest problems with your players ? You don't know how to tell your game master that his or her adventure lacks freedom ? 

Contact us, we will give you free advice and always answer honestly, whatever the situation may be. If you need help, an opinion, or simply to be reassured we are here to listen and do what we can to help. You can send us an e-mail, call us, or use our online chat or contact formula

Our team is happy to assist you with any problem.

- You require more thorough help ?

If your problem is more convoluted or you feel like you would need more than simple advice, we offer coaching programs for players and game masters.

If you are a player and you feel like you aren't getting the most out of your role playing experience, or if you are a game master and you feel like you could do more for your players but are unsure of how to proceed, this may be the option for you. There is not a single right way to play, but we can help you find what works best for you and your group.

We can come to you and offer mediation moments with your group or observe one of your session and help figure out what is causing tension. We can also help you if you don't feel there is any problem in your group and it is a personal issue.

To learn more about our coaching offers, click here.

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