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Succeed together

Team building

Having a cohesive team is fundamental for functioning companies. If coworkers don't get along well, their productivity and happiness decrease and this can be catastrophic both for them, and for the company they work in. What we create is a fun and risk-free activity that will help your teams bond and learn to work with each other efficiently.

Whether you are three or thirty, you will benefit from a team building experience. This will allow colleagues to learn more about themselves and others, as well as provide a great and memorable moment for the team.

Unknown Echoes offers a wide variety of custom activities destined to help companies and organizations who wish to have closer and cohesive teams. We travel to your location and set everything up that you will need in order to benefit fully from a role-playing experience destined to bring your teams closer together.

Contact us in order to obtain an estimate, or discover our offers here.

The benefits of role playing-games

We are convinced that among all the other team building activities that you will find, role playing games offer some of the best results. Studies have shown that role playing is quite beneficial to an individual but also to a group. These are but a few of those benefits.

- Discover people's strengths and weaknesses

In the adventure that our clients will embark on, each will have a set of strengths and weaknesses in different areas. The group must rapidly identify and combine their given talents in order to succeed. This will give each person a chance to be useful and for others to recognize that fact.


Being able to help the group will give clients a chance to understand their value and in turn that of others. This then shows them that they are all in this together and that everyone is important to the process.

Our adventure will give people the chance to be in extraordinary situations and incarnate different heroes, which will allow them to confront their difficulties in a risk-free way. This also allows people to have a great time that they will remember and bond around.

- Encourages initiative taking

Being able to take decisions and follow through with them is essential in a team. Innovation thrives on people acting boldly, daring to speak their mind and sharing their ideas.


Our games will leave only a few seconds at times for players to decide what they will do. This forces dialogue and agreement, but most of all it forces action. When the stakes are high and the consequences disastrous, how will your team react? This is a great way to find out without taking risks for your company.

- Strengthens self-esteem

Many people have great ideas and simply don't dare to share them because they lack confidence. Role playing games are a wonderful way of working on these issues. It will be unavoidable for each member to speak up in front of the others at some point, because they will be the only person who can help. Succeeding through their participation will boost their confidence and give them validation.

A role-playing adventure is a shared journey, where everyone around the table will learn to cooperate and communicate with each other.

Most who play Dungeons and Dragons agree that; after having played an imaginary hero, they feel more confident and have the courage to speak up and be themselves in their day to day lives.

- Stimulates imagination and creativity

Dungeons and Dragons, and role playing in general, doesn't need illustrations, props or screens and electronics in order for people to get involved.


What happens is that people build a story together and fill it with incredible descriptions and scenes that are as vivid as any other place in the world, only this world is seen solely through your imagination. The only limit to what can exist is that of your imaginations and, just as the fantasy world grows, so does your imaginations. You will become resourceful and inventive in order to face challenges that get harder and harder over time. This is truly one of the best ways to develop your imagination and fuel your creativity.

You don't need to have a great fantasy background and overflowing imagination in order to start an adventure. We have tailored our journeys in order for everyone to be able to advance at a speed that suits them.

- Teaches profound empathy

Empathy is the glue that holds a team together. Understanding your teammates is the best way to work efficiently with them. This is a necessary trait for a leader but also for all who choose to work in a group.

What better way to understand others than to be in different shoes for a while? To think like someone else, to understand why they act the way they do and get how they feel is truly eye opening. Dungeons and Dragons places each person in the boots of a hero to be, that they will play for the length of an adventure. They will be given different personalities than their own and discover what kind of a life story can lead someone to adopt different ways of life and actions.

Your needs, our priority

Our expertise in adventure building, makes it possible for you to have a custom adventure tailored to fit your teams needs exactly if that is what you desire.


We are equipped to work with you in order to find the perfect solution for your company. We can arrange a team building activity tailored specifically to your needs and give you detailed feedback on how each member of your team handled the challenges.

Contact us and help build the adventure that your team needs.

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