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Our adventure days

Unknown Echoes organizes themed days combining games, crafts, theater and storytelling for groups of children. We can organize these days in our chosen locals or directly at your home. Our game masters are specialized in working with children and there will be monitors working with us as well. Will take care of everything, for a whole day.


All of these activities are custom-made and can be adapted to suit your children's interests. Do they love certain Disney movies? Or rather the Marvel or DC superheroes? Maybe they like the universe of Narnia or the lord of the rings? What about their favorite cartoon? We can organize adventures in the universe of their favorite hero!

If you are planning a day of day, or a wedding is approaching but you would like to ensure that the event is a pleasant moment for you and your children, we can take care of them and give them the chance to make the day unforgettable.


Birthday pack

A fantastic day for your child and his friends! We will work with you to write the adventure of their dreams. For one day, they will travel to another world and experience the impossible before receiving a special Unknown Echoes gift package .

Where ? : At home or in our locals in Lausanne.


Group seize ? :   2 to 24 participants


When ? : Daytime, evenings or weekends.


Duration? : From 4 to 12 hours in total.


Prices ? : Starting at 25.- per person

Free for the child whose birthday it is!

Event pack

We will take care of your children and those of your guests during what ever event you have planned. They will have the opportunity to live an unforgettable adventure, learn role-playing and become heroes.

Where ? : At home or in our locals in Lausanne


Group seize ? :   2 to 24 participants


When? : Daytime, evenings or weekends.


Duration? : Optional, up to 16 consecutive hours.

Prices ? :
Starting at 19.- per person

Reservation / Estimate

So that we can send you an estimate as soon as possible, please fill out the form below.

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