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Our campaigns

Be part of a universe, explore it, discover entire continents, become the master of the world or a hero who saved the world from the shadows. A roleplaying game only takes on its full meaning when you give yourself the chance to really live an adventure that lasts, not just a few hours, but the time it takes to create a story from start to finish, however long it may be.


Our game masters are ready to accompany you all the way to the last page, and together you can live the most incredible and rewarding moments.


Give yourself the experience of a lifetime, you will grow immensely through it. A universe of endless possibilities awaits you, become the person you have always dreamed of becoming.

Your story, your choices

To live a strong adventure, it is important to play regularly, this is why we insist that you determine how much you want to play, at what pace and for how long.


Stopping a campaign can be done at any time and you will always be free to continue, or to quit when you want.


Whatever your preferences, the game sessions will be at your home, we will bring all the equipment you may need, and you will always be followed by the same game master who will guide you throughout your adventures.

Duration of sessions:

The first choice to make concerns your preferred duration for each session.


- 4 hour sessions, for intense and fast moments.


- 8 hour sessions, for immersive and relaxing moments.


- Tailor-made sessions, for moments that are always perfectly adapted.

Number of sessions per month :

The second choice to make concerns the amount of session you want per month;


- 2 sessions per month , to keep free time for other activities. Starting at 89.- per month.


- 4 sessions per month , for an immersive campaign. Starting at 159.- per month.


- A tailored number of sessions , to precisely adapt your campaign to your schedules.

Reservation / Estimate

So that we can send you an estimate as soon as possible, please fill out the form below.

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