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Our Initiations

Many are intimidated by the apparent complexity of role-playing games and feel overwhelmed by the official books and their numerous rules.


It was also our case at the beginning, and many of us would have liked to be able to follow a simple initiation to get started. It is precisely in this spirit that our game masters have developed initiations that will cover all aspects of the game and allow you to start your own adventures as soon as possible.


Our initiations will take place at your home, where we will bring you all the necessary equipment to allow you to play while learning.

Initiation for players

An initiation session for all ages , perfect for learning how to play, understanding the fundamentals and discovering role-playing games.


We will teach you to understand a character sheet, to be able to create your own character, to know how to use the different dice, and to know the different basic rules of tabletop role-playing.

Where? : At your place


Group size? :   1 to 24 participants


When? : Daytime, evenings or weekends.


Duration? : 8 hours


Prices : Starting at 99 .- per person

Initiation for game masters and players

An advanced training to grant you a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of role-playing games. By choosing this initiation, you will have all the knowledge necessary to organize your own role play sessions.


We will teach you everything that is included in our initiation for players and will also bring you everything there is to know in order to be a good game master.


This offer is ideal if you want to start playing your own games in the future, but are not sure how to do it.

Where? : At your place


Group size? : 1 to 24 participants


When? : Daytime, evenings or weekends.


Duration? : 16 hours in total


Prices :

- 4x 4h version: Starting at 249.- CHF per participant
- 2x 8h version: Starting at 199.- CHF per participant

Introduction to the art of role-playing and the creation of a universe

A complete and educational training during which you will learn not only everything that is planned in our other initiations, but all of the more complex aspects of the role play.


You will emerge from this initiation with all the tools to become a fantastic game master and impress your loved ones. You will gain the power to make your dreams a unique and incredible universe.

Where? : At your place


Group size? : 1 to 16 participants


When? : Daytime, evening or weekend.


Duration? : 32 hours in total


Prices :

- 8x 4h version: Starting at 499.- CHF per participant
- 4x 8h version: Starting at 399.- CHF per participant

Reservation / Estimate

So that we can send you an estimate as soon as possible, please fill out the form below.

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