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Our discovery


We organize discovery days organized within your company in order to allow you to bring all the benefits of role-playing directly to your teams.


During these days, we will form groups, each individual will be assigned a role and we will guide participants in the creation process required to make their own incredible adventures. In just a few hours, all participants will be transported into an amazing universe and will effortlessly learn how to play in it as they wish.

1 Day Version

A densely packed day during which we will explain the key points of role-playing games and their main boons for business teams. Everyone will then be assigned a role and will quickly find themselves seated at a table, surrounded by their colleagues, to live a bonding adventure that they write together.

A perfect activity to strengthen the bonds of all your employees, and to allow them to share a memorable moment while discovering the many advantages of role-playing.


By choosing this offer, you get a 50% discount on our player kits, allowing you to acquire all the equipment necessary for successful gaming sessions in the future.

Where? : Within your company


Group size ? :   4 to 40 participants


When? : 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., or 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.


Prices : starting at 290.- CHF per participant

Full version

Two days in a row to allow everyone to learn all the facets of role-playing and so that everyone can create their own adventure if they so desire.

If you want to be able to bring role-playing and its many benefits to your company in a durable fashion, we strongly advise you to choose this offer. We will guide you through oral communication exercises, creativity and team building exercises while teaching you not only to play but also to organize role-play sessions so that each future team building activity need only internal organization.


Our offer includes a player kit (worth 100.- CHF) offered to each participant as well as a 50% discount on the purchase of our game master kits.

When? : Within your company


Group size? : 4 to 40 participants


When? : Two days in a row, or at most one week apart.


Prices : starting at 550.- CHF per participant

Save up to 10,000 CHF in total!

Reservation / Estimate

So that we can send you an offer as soon as possible, please fill out the form below.

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